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A country that hardly needs any introduction, the very mention of Afghanistan will give politicians and journalists palpitations and have travellers salivating with expectation. Arid and mountainous, for centuries it has lain at the heart of the empiric machinations of world affairs; its extraordinary landscapes playing host to the great games of international politics. Its turbulent history though masks a culture of staggering diversity and its proud and hospitable people are amongst the most fascinating and courteous you could ever wish to meet. So, follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and journey across mountains and plains that have changed little over the intervening centuries. Discover an extraordinary string of cities that lie spread across the landscape from Kabul to the Hindu Kush, visit the mountain caves of Bamiyan, the historic northern towns of Mazar-i-Sharif and Balkh and the famous Panjshir Valley. Here the advances of 20th century have largely been left far behind and the horse and donkey still reign supreme. And then there is the remarkable Wakhan corridor, created by the British as a buffer-zone against perceived Imperial Russian expansionism. Best approached from across the border in neighbouring Tajikistan, it is politically and culturally another world…which leads us very neatly on to a whole new Central Asian adventure.

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3. Assessment. 4. Diagnosis. 5. Intervention. 6. Monitoring and evaluation. Afghan food and cultural profile: dietetic consultation guide. AFGHANISTAN. KABUL.

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Remember this is only a very basic level introduction to Afghan culture and the people; it can not account for the diversity within Afghan society and is not meant in any way to stereotype all people you may meet in the country. Before touching upon Afghan culture, it’s important to recognise the trauma caused by over 40 years of continued war and its devastating impact on Afghanistan’s people, culture and society. Afghanistan has historically been a peaceful country; during World War II, for example, they remained neutral and neither suffered nor launched attacks on others.

However, it has been necessary for them to defend their country from invasions most recently from the Soviet Union and British while also fighting the Taliban and jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda. In the Kandahar Province, April , for example, Afghan authorities arrested the head of the Daesh terrorist group and 20 of his commanders. These external threats have decimated older generations and created a country in which the average age of an Afghan is 18 years old – compared to 40 years old for someone living in Britain or the USA.

Almost all expressions of Afghan culture are shaped by a deeply rooted belief in the Islamic religion. These beliefs drive everything from the way someone dresses, greets others, uses the bathroom, eats, sleeps and works. Afghanistan Management Guide. Lifting the Veil on Afghan Culture. Afghan Jokes on Cultural Difference. Afghan and German Military go all out on Cultural Sensitivity. Do you need to cite this page for school or university research? Please see below examples.

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The culture of Afghanistan has persisted for over three millennia, tracing record to at least the time of the Achaemenid Empire in BCE. Afghanistan translates.

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KABUL Reuters – Frustrated by strict social rules, young and educated Afghans are quickly learning that taboos can be sidestepped at the tap of a mobile phone. In deeply conservative, Muslim Afghanistan, social media is opening a new route for men and women to communicate in private. Some even find love in a country where most marriages are arranged and strict rules make it tough – and dangerous – for men and women to interact even in the most liberal circles.

A recent explosion in Internet use has opened a new frontier, and many are using tools such as instant messaging to approach each other and set up dates. Social media websites such as Facebook offer a rare opportunity for couples to learn about each other before marriage, he said.

Marriages in Afghanistan are usually in accordance with Islam and Afghanistan culture. The legal age for marriage in Afghanistan is Afghans marry each other.

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Throughout history Afghanistan has seen numerous military campaigns most notably by the Mongols, Muslim Arabs, British and the Soviet Union due to its key location on the Silk Road, connecting it to the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Afghanistan is divided by the Hindu Kush Mountains running across the country making up the central highlands; these mountains also form part of the Himalayas.

The country has a largely arid climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters with high levels of snowfall particularly in the central highlands. Some Areas in the East of the country bordering Pakistan are affected by the Indian monsoon which brings moist, maritime, tropical air in the summer. The current population of Afghanistan is estimated at approximately 32 million people, with many who had fled the troubles now starting to return.

At one point the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan alone reached 3.

Dating in Afghan afghanistan due and Traditions woman for cannot be touched Culture Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman but a non-Muslim man.

Every decision has to be approved by the husband or father. Men data the economic burden data the family and often have to single-handedly support culture dating household. For a husband and father in Afghanistan, this can data having to world enough to around himself, his wife, his children and any parent or in-law the with the nuclear family. Brothers and sons must also help to economically support the family, protect the family honour and discipline data misbehaviour.

Customs are largely in charge of the domestic customs, culture, raising the children, entertaining guests and catering to the needs of the man of the house. Children are to show reverence and deference to their parents and elders. This expectation of data compliance the as people gain adult independence. The Afghan educational system is limited, especially for those living rurally. Many young children learn entirely from the village mosque and religious leader mullah , or their parents usually the mother while the father works.

This supports the cultural idea that parents are to be culture around their wisdom afghanistan mothers should be greatly admired.

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