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Live interview elements were interspersed with pre-recorded segments that generally veered towards light, enjoyable fluff: CL bonding with L. But in one particularly vulnerable part, when she talked about her four-year struggle to succeed in America, her eyes filled with tears. People want to help but they don’t know how to help. Thanks to global fans and her long-running affiliations with Western fashion designers like Jeremy Scott, that recognition had started to spread. But since the release of her debut U. That was a big global look, but it exists in stark contrast to her lack of promotion in America. The video combines slick choreography and moody scenes in dark tunnels with guest star Vic Mensa. YG Entertainment and Scooter Braun declined to comment for this story. A planned interview with CL was rescheduled multiple times and eventually nixed by YG.

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Tara R. Clark, George Roff, Jian-xin Zhao, Yue-xing Feng, Terence J. Done, Laurence J. We demonstrate the use of high-resolution uranium–thorium dating, modern and Birrell CL,; McCook LJ,; Willis BL,; Diaz-Pulido GA.

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Biogenic reefs and carbonate platforms are valuable natural resources, which play a role in modulating global climate and carbon cycle through biological processes. In this study, by combining paleomagnetic data and Th dating with lithostratigraphic characters for the XK-1 biogenic reef sequence from the Xisha Islands, northern South China Sea, new insights into the regional geochronology since the early Pleistocene are obtained. The main results are as follows: 1 Paleomagnetic findings suggest that the sequence records the Brunhes normal chron and the Matuyama reverse chron, including the Jaramillo and Olduvai normal subchrons.

By comparing our results with those for previous long cores from the Xisha area, we conclude that the previous debate on the position and age of the Ledong Formation around the Xisha area mainly arose from inadequate absolute dating and use of different criteria for lithostratigraphic boundary determination.

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CL: Actually we go way back. When our first album came out, Jeremy saw the video and I was wearing his shoe collaboration with Adidas. I think we talk a lot! I collect vintage Chanel and Versace. I go a lot to New York to shop too. He came to hang. CL: That sounds weird [laughs]! I was born in Korea but as soon I was born I moved to France, and then Japan for seven or eight years, and then Korea, and then back to France to study for a couple years of junior high, and then back to Korea.

CL: He started writing books for my sister and me when we were young.

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Using standard benthic transects and the highly precise U-Th dating technique, Jokiel, P. L., Hunter, C. L., Taguchi, S. & Watarai, L. Ecological impact of a Tara R. Clark, Nicole D. Leonard, Jian-xin Zhao & Ai Duc Nguyen.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Long-term data with high-precision chronology are essential to elucidate past ecological changes on coral reefs beyond the period of modern-day monitoring programs.

In we revisited two inshore reefs within the central Great Barrier Reef, where a series of historical photographs document a loss of hard coral cover between c. Here we use an integrated approach that includes high-precision U-Th dating specifically tailored for determining the age of extremely young corals to provide a robust, objective characterisation of ecological transition.

The timing of mortality for most of the dead in situ corals sampled from the historical photograph locations was found to coincide with major flood events in — at Bramston Reef and and at Stone Island. Evidence of some recovery was found at Bramston Reef with living coral genera similar to what was described in c.

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In November Hubert Burda Media acquired XING became the first Web 2. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Basic membership is free, but many core functions, like searching for people with specific qualifications or messaging people to whom one is not already connected, can only be accessed by the premium members.

XING has a special Ambassador program for each city or region around the world with a substantial constituency. The Ambassadors hold local events that promote the use of social networking as a business tool, letting members introduce business ideas to one another.

As a proof of concept, this technique was applied to dating silk textiles fabricated from the Moini, M.; Schultz, C. L.; Mahmood, H. Anal. Chem.

Women engaging in compensated dating is one of the at risk group of HIV infection due to multiple sexual partnerships and risky sexual practices. The present study examined the prevalence of HIV testing behavior and intention, and identified factors associated with HIV testing intention among women engaging in compensated dating in Hong Kong.

Factors from the Theory of Planned Behaviors and the role of various types of barriers to HIV testing were also explored. An anonymous, cross-sectional survey was conducted online. Target participants were women who have engaged in compensated dating and provided sex services to clients. Participants were recruited via three sources, including i online outreaching, ii referral made by NGOs, and iii referral made by participants. A total of participants completed the study. Respectively The present study demonstrates the applicability of extended TPB in HIV testing intention among women engaging in compensated dating.

Interventions to promote HIV testing among this group are greatly warranted. Editor: Amir H. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Data Availability: The public sharing of the data underlying this study has been restricted by the Behavioral Research Ethics Committee of the Chinese University of Hong Kong because the data contain sensitive participant information for which consent to share publicly was not obtained.

The data are thus available on request to researchers who meet the criteria for access to confidential information.

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Feng Li, Stven L. Kuhn, Olsen W. Olsen, Xing Gao. Journal of Anthropological Research, , 70 1 :

Petrology and zircon U-Pb dating combined with Hf isotope study of granitic rocks Chen ZH, Xing GF () Petrogenesis of a Paleoproterozoic S-type granite, Lu SN, Li HK, Zhang CL, Niu GH () Geological and geochronological.

Precambrian Research , Journal Article: Combined U-series dating of cave pearls and mammal fossils: Constraint on the age of a late middle pleistocene Ailuropoda—Stegodon fauna from the Diaozhongyan Cave, Guangxi, South China. Quaternary Geochronology , Sedimentary Geology , Cracking the calcite code: closing the gap between U-Th and U-Pb geochronology to unlock temporal and spatial scales of Earth processes.

Isotopic dating and geochemical characterization of calcite veins in the Tarim basin for paleo-fluid reconstructions – Phase Two. The development of isotope dating and geochemical tracing methods for carbonate reservoirs. Tracking inshore water quality using coral-based trace elements geochemistry from the Great Barrier Reef. Holocene sea level and climate variability on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Formation of fault-related calcite precipitates and their implications for dating fault activity in the East Anatolian and Dead sea fault zone. Nuriel, P.

CL spills the beans on GD!

The occurrence timing of large earthquakes is believed to be correlated positively with the exposure duration of bedrock fault surfaces. Accordingly, cosmogenic nuclides concentration determined for the bedrock footwall can offer their times, ages, and slip over long time. In general, multiple sites of fault scarps along one or even more faults are selected to carry out cosmogenic nuclide dating in an attempt to derive the temporal and spatial pattern of fault activity.

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Metrics details. The evolution of male pregnancy is the most distinctive characteristic of syngnathids, and their specialized life history traits make syngnathid species excellent model species for many issues in biological evolution. However, the origin of syngnathids and the evolutionary divergence time of different syngnathid species remain poorly resolved. Comprehensive phylogenetic studies of the Syngnathidae will provide critical evidence to elucidate their origin, evolution, and dispersal patterns.

We sequenced the mitochondrial genomes of eight syngnathid species in this study, and the estimated divergence times suggested that syngnathids diverged from other teleosts approximately The two most frequently used codons in syngnathid fishes were different from those in other teleosts, and a greater proportion of the mitochondrial simple sequence repeats SSRs were distributed in non-coding sequences in syngnathids compared with other teleosts.

Our study indicated that syngnathid fishes experienced an adaptive radiation process during the early explosion of species. The specialized brood pouch provides protection and carries out gas exchange, osmoregulation, and limited nutrient provisioning for the developing embryos [ 4 , 5 ]. In addition, members of the family Syngnathidae exhibit other unique features such as an extended body covered with an armor of bony plates instead of scales, elongated snout, and fused jaws.

The unique body morphology and specialized life history traits make syngnathid species excellent flagship species for many issues in marine conservation and biological evolution [ 4 , 6 ].

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Many geological, petrological and chronological studies have previously been carried out on these extensive late Mesozoic volcanic rocks Zhou et al. The mantle plume hypothesis Ge et al. It was noted that the igneous rocks turn younger in age oceanwards along the Asia continental margin Kinoshita, , ; Zhou et al. Ridge subduction of the Kula-pacific Plate was employed to exlpain this migration by Kinoshita , , whereas Zhou and Li argue that simple subduction of the Kula-pacific Plate with an increased slab dip angle could also be a mechanism for it.

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GSA Bulletin ; : — Volcanic-hosted iron deposits of the eastern Awulale metallogenetic belt in Central Asia possess a reserve of over 1. Skarns are widespread in these deposits and closely associated with iron mineralization. The ages of these skarns are unclear, and their genesis remains debated, preventing further investigation into their metallogenic processes. We focused on garnets in nine ore-bearing skarns from three large-scale iron deposits Chagangnuoer, Dunde, and Beizhan in the eastern Awulale belt.

U-Pb dating was conducted on these garnets using our in-house reference material, the Taochong garnet TC, Pb-Pb isochron age: The garnet U-Pb ages of the nine skarn samples fall into three groups, i. The first and second episodes of skarns formed as a result of contact metasomatism between coeval volcanic rocks and limestone, and they have economically important iron mineralization.

The third was likely caused by a local postcollision granitic intrusion, but its metallogenic potential deserves further assessment.

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fckyeahgdragon: “ G-Dragon with Ahreum, Soojoo and Xin at YG Laughs at Rumors of CL and Song Mino Dating 2ne1, Yg Entertainment, Femmes.

In this deposit, massive and banded replacement ores are hosted in Neoproterozoic metapelite. The Sin Quyen deposit experienced an extensive post-ore metamorphic overprint, which makes it difficult to precisely determine the mineralization age. In this study, zircon and monazite U-Pb geochronometers and the Rb-Sr isochron method are used to constrain the timing of mineralization. Zircon grains in the ore are closely intergrown or texturally associated with hydrothermal minerals of stage II e.

They may contain primary fluid inclusions and display irregular zoning in cathodoluminescence CL images. Zircon grains are rich in U to ppm and poor in Th 0. These textural and compositional features imply that zircon precipitated from 18 O- and U-rich hydrothermal fluids, coeval with the minerals of stage II. There is no direct isotopic constraint on the timing of the Cu-Au mineralization, but geological observations suggest that the Cu-Au and Fe-REE ores most likely formed within a single evolved hydrothermal process.

The mineralization age of the Sin Quyen deposit falls within the overall age range to Ma of the regional Neoproterozoic igneous rocks. Enable full ADS. Citations 3. References Similar Papers.

You and I – chaeho 2ne1 (cl + yanggaeng )